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The Supermom Project


This is a tale about a mother. Not just any mother, but a Supermom; and her name is Elesia Morris. I have known Elesia all of my life. She has been many things to me down through the years, a protector, a provider, a contender, a friend, and ultimately my big Sister.

Elesia is the wife of Eric Morris, Jr., and the mother to Ronald Thompson, III, Terrell Thompson, Eric Morris, III, E’mare Morris, and E’Myiah Morris. Elesia is a full-time Nursing Student, and also works at several different Nursing Homes and In-Home Care for the Disabled and the Elderly. It just makes you tired just thinking about all of that.

What draw me to her story was the fact that in-spite of all that she has going on in her life, all of the people and things that she is responsible for, she still manages to make sure that her children feel like they have a normal life, they are loved, heard, and well taken care of. And somehow some way she seems to do it all with a smile. But let's be real about it, every day is not cupcakes and smiles. Every day is not a good day. Being responsible for so much and working hard to accomplish so much can bring on a lot of pressure. Some days she wants to quit and throw in the towel, but she doesn't do it because she understands her purpose. She understands that her tomorrow will be greater than her today, and that she has been given the awesome task of raise five beautiful and gifted human beings that will grow up and become functioning contributing members to society and their communities. That is what I call a Supermom!

Through this photo journey, you will experience a collection of images that will capture your heart and give you a closer look into the life of a Supermom-Elesia Morris. The images will tell the story from many sides, from household responsibilities to studying hard for assignments. From operating with excellence in the workplace to playing hard with the family in park, Elesia is amazing. The world is full of woman with children, but not all have earned the title Supermom. It takes strength, courage, integrity, and diligence to raise up a strong village, pursue your dreams, and to place other people’s happiness before your own. Supermoms are not made, they are developed, and Elesia Morris wears her cape proudly.

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