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Creative. Passionate. Driven. These are a few words that can be used to describe my work.  Catering to the fashion and entertainment industries, my photography tells a unique narrative.  My work is chic, cutting-edge, vibrant, and intense.


While attending Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN, I conceived and developed my eye and passion for photography.  Upon my return to California, I continued pursuing my dreams in photography and enrolled at The Art Institute of California—San Francisco.  In December of 2016, I received my Associate of Science degree in Digital Imaging & Photography. Before, during, and after my time at The Art Institute, I have been given many opportunities to work with a host of fashion designers, recording artists, authors, events planners, life coaches, and world-renowned make-up artists.  A pivotal moment in my career was when I participated in the “Inside Out Community Project—Be The Voice” featured on TED Talks.  Portraits created for the project were printed large scale and wheat pasted on “Listen to this Wall” located on upper Haight Street in San Francisco, CA.  



Current member of the San Francisco Chapter of American Photographic Association (APA).



Rufus Chambers (Author)

John Edwards (Recording Artist)

Debra Henderson (Recording Artist)

Alfreda Lyon-Campbell (Recording Artist)

Jamila Chambers (Life Coach)

Dasha Moore (Recording Artist)

Tammikka Chambers (Author)

Lauren Denise Byrd (Recordig Artist)

Beverly Kyer (Author)

Jesus Romero (Fashion Designer)




Made In His Image (Self Published - 2014)




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